These Electric cars looks like they are right out of the future

One of the great inventions of 19th century cars today have evolved more than our imaginations. What was meant to be a means of transportation from one place to another have now transformed into great luxury gadgets. But like every invention cars and automobiles have brought serious issue of pollution with more than ever rise in the number of cars.

When this fuel gulping monsters became a serious concern for our atmosphere, mankind and their intelligence brought electric cars that are known for their zero emission properties. But emission and its side effects weren’t the only thing these cars emphasized on, it was their futuristic look that attracted a lot of attention. Automobile giants like Tesla, BMW ,Mercedes and Porsche brought some of the finely crafted and gorgeous looking beauties that will melt any guys heart, This Electric cars looks like they are right out of the future and are equally competitive in power and mileage when compared to its fuel engine peers.



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