The simple science behind Earth’s speed will blow your mind !!!

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Next time when you eat pizza remember that you are eating it at staggering rate of 107000 km per hour, you didn’t believe it right? Looks like our planet is in extreme hurry, yes, It’s true. The earth revolves around the Sun at rate of approximately 100 thousand km per hour. You may have not done these simple calculation to understand this mind blowing facts.

Let’s understand this simple science behind the speed of earth in its revolution around the sun.

The average distance between earth and sun is 140 million km. We will take this as our radius (r). Put this radius in simple formula of 2πr. Divide the resultant by 365 days a year, and 24 hours a day. You will get approx 100465 km per hour ( accurately 107000 km per hour.)


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Now don’t  pop your eyes, just eat your delicious pizza (and keep in mind that you can also feature in the Fast and Furious for being this kind of daredevil). Well the good thing is that we get to hop on a free trip around the sun every year(tell this to your wife next time she complains that you don’t take her anywhere) which  is comparable to nothing less than roller a coaster ride.

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