The new gul from Pakistan – Gul Panrra

gul panrra the latest eye candy
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I came across this song of Coke Studio Pakistan while browsing net this very moment and couldn’t resist share this insanely good looking and equally slaying singer called Gul Panrra. While this song features Pakistan Heart throb Atif Aslam too, but i bet you just cannot keep your eyes off Gul Panrra. The song Man Aamadeh Am is a beautiful and soothing blend of Farsi and Urdu folklore that just soothes your soul to your core.

While very lesser is known about Gul Panrra, all i could find is that she hails from Peshawar. As most girls in Pakistan do, Gul Panrra faced similar fate in the early days of her career with her family not supporting her singing, due to being slightly conservative. She started off her career by singing in universities and colleges of Peshawar and gained confidence along the way – since then, she has made it to every Pakistani’s playlist which is quite an achievement. Gul also holds a Masters degree from The University Of Peshawar.gul panrra the latest eye candy

She is known in the Peshawar region, but the remaining Pakistan has just discovered this beautiful eye candy. Its a matter of time that she will be hot favorite in India too with her super powers of beauty and vocals.



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