What made Kangana Ranaut LIE?

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The past few days have proved to be a true EYE OPENER! In a recent turn of events it was revealed that Kangana Ranaut, who is largely lauded for her outspoken fearless nature indeed has been speaking a SERIES of LIES.
Kangana has mastered the art of floating a  rumour and repeating it so much that it becomes an accepted myth. Last year she floated a rumor of being highest paid actress in Bollywood. Reportedly 11 crores was paid to her for some film. Which film? The answer kept being more and more vague. She is only doing Rangoon now and for which is paid in the range of 3 crores. It’s well known fact that Deepika is the leading actress in Bollywood and commands the highest fees in films as well as brand endorsements. This is a variable fact. She has been using the line ‘highest paid actress’ in all her communication and making tall claims that she has received 11 crs. Kangana is currently doing Rangoon and has no other film lined up post it. Then who is paying her 11 crores?


Early last week it emerged that Kangana had also lied for something as petty as her age. The actress, who reportedly celebrated her 29th birthday in March this year, has, in fact completed 30 and is going on 31. The actress is not in her 20s but in her 30s, according to her passport which shows that she was born in 1986This revelation sure proves the extent of LIES that Kangana takes support of.


Other Lies spoken by Kangana include signing a Rajkumar Hirani film, of course we all know the credibility Raju Hirani brings to the table, it is evident why Kangana used his name in yet another one of her baseless lies. Kangana also made use of Kareena Kapoor Khan’s name to showcase that she has ‘friends in the industry’. The actress got herself invited at the Khan’s residence over dinner and tipped of the paparazzi to pass of the formal get together as a best friends meet. Too bad that the Khan’s decided to keep away from the media hungry actress thereafter.


Besides this, Kangana was also caught lying about her imaginary relationship with Superstar Hrithik Roshan. The actress zoomed into a public party picture and gave it to media as proof for the 7 year relationship that she claims to have had with Hrithik, her bluff was called leaving with Kangana out of words to defend herself. Kangana also had made claims of Hrithik proposing to her in Paris in January 2014. This was soon proved to be yet another one of her imaginary flights as Hrithik’s passport proved otherwise. If he proposed to her then how come till October 2014 in her emails she repeatedly kept saying when we would meet, interact and engage.


Kangana’s incessant Lies and baseless claims have become a subject of Twitter negativity garnered by the actress. This entire scenario has only brought to notice the basis of Kangana’s unverified claims. The actress has gone on record and made a number of audacious statements.


The number of Lies spoken by Kangana come across as surprising as it highlights the extend to which she can stoop to garner eye balls. The question however remains.. what makes Kangana Lie so much? Is she a Habitual Liar or is it just her urge to stay in the lime light that she self invites controversies? Only Ms. Rananut can tell..



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