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When Photo Editor’s forgot they had only one job to do !!

Photo editors forgot their jobs
Written by BSD

The flashy and attractive covers of the leading magzines like GQ, Maxim or the bible of teenagers Playboy has always been very successful in vooing their target readers. Be it anyone, gossipy teenage girls, or the not so hot teenage boys everyone buys their magzine subscription for knowning the quality of images and their portrayl styles. We all know that these publishing giants hire the most stylished and leading photographer to shoot some of the most beautiful models in the world and thus we have such high expectation from these magzines.

Photo editors forgot their jobs

But what happens when these magzines loose their dedication and dont pay the much needed attention to their work. Their biggest assets, the cover page and its featured models needs the midas touch of ace photographers, and honestly a dash of intricate photoshop. Yes you heard it right, these potographs are highly morphed to make celebrities look slim, fair and sexy. But what happens when they Photo editor’s forgot they had only one job to do and they failed big time!! The Richest brings some of the biggest photoshop fails that shook these publishing house’s image to rock bottom.



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