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These First world problems Vs Actual problems tells us How beautiful our life is !!

first world problems vs actual problems
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Mummy, I don’t want to drink chocolate milk everyday vs. Maa, we don’t have milk to drink today, how drastic and contrasting these two problems are? If you closely follow the first actually does seem a problem for a major chunk of us, for those who get everything delivered at their footsteps. But for the kids who spend their life laboring out to buy dinner every night, their struggle and their constant effort to survive every day is something that is we haven’t seen or experienced. I remember a very beautiful image once I received on WhatsApp that said Never forget what parents went through to give you your life.

Well frankly speaking most of us including me, many a times are ungrateful to the life that is gifted out to us by our parents and start complaining for small shits that don’t even deserve any attention. Many a times when i see or come across such situations we understand how actually beautiful our life is as compared to millions of them who are not as gifted as we are.

first world problems vs actual problems

Old Delhi Films brings in one of such beautiful illustration of First World VS Actual problems, I hope when you guys see this video will feel grateful to the life we are living rather than focusing on absence of life we desire.



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