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These Bollywood cliches will surely remind you of 80’s

Bollywood Cliches
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If you are a pre 90’s kid and used to enjoy movies back then on Doordarshan or Metro channel you surely have seen lots and lots 80’s movies. One thing that strikes out of all these movies were hw all of these movies belonged to same genre where Hero belonging to poor family (with andhi Maa and bin byaahi behen) falls in love with the Heroine belonging to Zameendar family ( with cruel & super rich father and his protagonist servant Ramu Kaka). Hero of all odds used to fight with dozens of goons and heroine which at first was a spoilt brat used to eventually fall in the love of Hero.

Bollywood Cliches

I remember how every freaking movie of 80’s had this same storyline and yet we Indians used to love our films. Nowadays you don’t find Kangana Ranaut the choti malkin falling in love with Raj Kumar Rao the average looking yet bearing the charm of chocolate boy of 80’s era. Well The Viral Fever bringsĀ  infront of us the same old Bollywood cliches which we used to ponder and is now lost and has become the part of our memories.



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